The WISE-EV Charger Product Line offers an affordable and scalable solution for every property, need and budget.

AC Single Unit Mount

Level One

Model #ACSM

This AC single mount charger is ideal for use in a single-family home, but can also be a solution at multi-family housing properties, retail shopping centers and parking garages.

AC Dual Outlet Tower

Level Two

Model #ACT

This dual-outlet AC tower charger is best suited for use at office buildings, hotels, restaurants and retail shopping centers.

AC Duel outlet Pedestal

Level Two

Model #EVM1

This dual-outlet AC charge is a pedestal model that serves a variety of uses including retail and residential applications.

DC Fast Charger

Level Three – Fast

Model #DCFC

This dual port DC fast charger is the perfect solution for retail shopping centers, restaurants, municipalities and multi-family housing properties.


Ultra-Fast Charger

Level Three – Ultra Fast

Model #UFC

This charger is used in the WISE-EV nationwide charging network and is the best solution for quick-stop locations and fleet distribution centers.

Coming soon …

WISE-EV Mobile Charging

This game-changing and patented technology offers remote location and roadside assistance for drivers needing to power up while one the go, leading the way to increased EV adoption and range.

Bi-Directional Charging

Coming soon to the WISE-EV family is our patented technology for EV charging that allows users to power their home from their EV.