WISE Power utilizes leading-edge and proprietary technology in its national charging network. The super-charged WISE-EV Ultra Fast Charger can get you back on the road in as little as 15 minutes.

EnRoute, our feature-rich app, offers a tailored charging experience that makes using a WISE-EV station as enjoyable as a Sunday drive.

WISE Power has you covered at home or at your place of business, offering scalable charging solutions that fit any need or budget.

WISE Power is a renewable energy company dedicated to changing the way the world accesses power.

EV Charging Technology

Whether it’s in your home, out on the town or on the go WISE-EV has you covered. With a complete line of Level One, Two and Three EV Chargers, WISE-EV offers a tailored solution for your home or place of business and through its expanding charging network, the energy you need will never be more than a hop, skip and jump away.


A key element of the WISE way is strong partnerships. From our distribution system, to our property development partners, to technical support, our infrastructure is second-to-none.


National Charging Network

Utilizing leading edge and propritary technology, the WISE-EV nationwide charging network was engineered around a “Hub & Spoke” arhitecture with over 2000 charging stations in 38 key cities.

And as demand grows, we grow, endlessly  expanding our network to where it is needed.

EnRoute ACN App

This proprietary, easy-to-use and feature rich app alerts EV drivers of the closest WISE-EV charging stations, notifies them of  availability and costs as well as providing them with exclusive offers and coupons specific to the charging station location’s place of business.

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WISE Power is changing the way the world uses energy through innovative storage and fast EV charging technology. The Las Vegas-based company provides solutions for home, business, industry, and utility-scale applications with forward-thinking system design and comprehensive support infrastructure. For more information visit: getwisepower.com and wise-ev.com.



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